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our irc channel is #itsyndikat (registered) at freenode.

why irc and not (silc/xmpp/younameit)?

  • silc is dead
  • xmpp is a hassle (yes i also ran a server and it works, but still it is no irc)
  • yes it is not encrypted, but we all know that and can deal with it
  • we all know our irc with all its pros and cons


our irc bot

our yet unnamed irc-bot is currently a supybot (written in python) use the "!" to address the bot, rather than the supybot standard "@"

why supybot?

  • i (prskavec) also live in another channel with a nice supybot.
  • it has a debian package in the debian repository
  • bsd licence
  • nice plugin infrastructure
  • lots of existing plugins
  • easy to configure and run -> easy to create plugins for

getting started

  • install supybot (debian: "aptitude install supybot" or download here)
  • run supybot-wizard to configure
  • git clone
  • you now have my "hello world" supybot plugin
  • start your own plugin with "supybot-plugin-create" -> now you have a plugin-stub
  • look at existing plugin code and the sparse documentation

resources about supybot

the name

it is currently neutrally named itsbot. please place your ideas here and go to #itsyndikat and use the karma plugin to vote (e.g. botname_jessifer++) ;)

to check if a nick is still available on freenode. connect your irc client with and ask NickServ bot with: "/msg NickServ info jessifer". if the answer is "jessifer is not registered." ... yay!

  • jessifer