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This section is dedicated to the creation of physical objects.

The combination of computer aided design and rapid prototyping style manufacturing allows to transform open source style collaboration in the physical world.

Resources like Thingiverse, a platform to share designs with a growing community of makers and Freepatentsonline (hey, patents are useful too! ;) provide vast resources for the DIY manufacturer.

There are several types of rapid prototyping gear.

3d Plotters

"3D plotters" build up layers of material to form the desired object. The RepRap community has developed several designs for cheap DIY 3D plotter. The Darwin was the first 3D plotter designed to replicate itself (or at least its plastic parts). Later generations like the Huxley, Mendel and Prusa addressed issues of the first generation.

Currently the IT-Syndikat utilises a RepMan which is a commercial version of the original RepRap Darwin Design available from bitsfrombytes. We are also in the process of building a RepRap Prusa.

Reprap1.jpg Reprap2.jpg

Other interesting projects revolving around 3d plotters:

CandyFab [1]

low cost, low precision printing with hot air in sugar.

MakerBot [2]

commercial, RepRap based kits.

Printrbot [3]

commercial, cheap

Resin based 3d Printers

There are several designs for resin based 3d printers TODO: add links

possible materials

Abrasive Manufacturing


Step-By-Step Anleitung die mich soweit sehr gut anschaut, Viel über Vor- und Nachteile verschiedener Designs usw.

Auf der Seite finden sich noch etliche weitere


EMC2 Linux CNC Steuerungssoftware als Komplettpaket (Ubuntu LTS) mit Realtimekernel.


Fire the LASERS!



Blender OpenSCAD


More to Resources

Making related Projects

This projects are in planning/development stage