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As we intend to grow and feel some responsibility to keep this world on track, we are in the process of preparing presentations about stuff we care about.At the moment, this is a mere collection of topics we intend to prepare talks for.

To make things a little more concrete, please add:

  • a short abstract
  • who will do the talk
  • the targeted audience
  • the character of the talk (presentation vs. workshop)
  • the targeted size of the audience
  • the current state of your preperation
  • prerequisites

Social Stuff

What is a Hackerspace

Why we need Privacy

Why Anonymity matters

CCTV in the public space

Technical Stuff

Protect your Privacy

DIY Antennas Guess what...

DIY Blinkenlights Fun with LEDs

DIY Lockpicks Make your own Lockpicks

DIY TV-B-gone Nice soldering project for beginners.

Lockpicking I Introduction to Lockpicking

Lockpicking II Advanced Lockpicking

Platinen Workshop Leiterplatten-Desing & Ätzen


If you really would like to hear a talk about something nobody has offered yet, please let us know :)

  • CC Licensing (personaly I would appreciate to see the slides for our talks to be licensed under CC, and published in the wiki, any thoughts?)