be a part of us

There are lots of possibilities to support us. Here are some ideas how you can be a part of KostNix:

We regularily get things that dont work any more or no one wants them. We regularily discard those things to dispose them. If you ride to the Wertstoffhof next time, take a box of rubbish with you. This can be your contribution to keep KostNix cleaned up and cosy.

To be a 100% „kostnix“ (german: free, without costs) we are always on the search for a room that has no rent. If you can offer us such a room, please contact us.

We don't have a lot to do with money. Do you have an idea how we could organize money for the rent or avoid paying a rent? reveal us your secret!

The more often KostNix is opened, the more people we can reach. If you want to have your own opening times, join our next meeting (Plenum) and introduce yourself. In the morning at 5am? at night at 12pm? You decide your opening time! And nobody has as cool opening times as we…

Tell all your friends about KostNix – we are looking forward to see new faces!

You got a pullover that you did'nt wear within months? There are book in your shelves, that you did'nt even give a look within years? Your cutlery drawer overflows by spoons? Whatever fills your housing space– create your free space, bring your things to the KostNix and give them a chance to be loved in a new home!

Come and visit us.

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